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The Candle Who Knew Too Much

Response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt, Candle.

All candles must obey one rule: never look down. Never. This is the story of the candle who did.

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The Angry Clock

This response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt, Perplexed, is my stab at a little mad whimsy in honor of Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday yesterday.

The girl in the bed with a cat on her head hit the clock on the table and started this fable.

“SHUT UP!” she said, slapping the snooze, licking her lips, still tasting the booze. Continue reading “The Angry Clock”

I’ll Teach You, Said the Sea to Me

This is a response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: Learning.

The sea talks to me. This is what it says.

You can’t see what is beneath the surface, but come in anyway. Trust yourself to enjoy or endure what you find, maybe an oyster pearl or a jagged coral that slices your foot open. Joy or pain, you will swim back to shore. Continue reading “I’ll Teach You, Said the Sea to Me”

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