Alchemy of Story

Transforming Sight, Sound and Thought into Compelling Characters



The Screaming Boy

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt, Silence.

I watched my teacher save someone in third grade. I did not know it then but I know now. I watched this with eyes that were just beginning to see invisible things like compassion and grace. My third-grader eyes saw friends, Barbies, pizza, roller skates with sparkly purple wheels, Beverly Cleary books and my fuzzy brown and white dog, Candy, licking the window when she saw me walking up the drive. Continue reading “The Screaming Boy”


Moonlight Murder

In response to The Daily post’s writing prompt, Fierce.

She sat alone and happy in the damp grass, enjoying the stars and quiet meadow. She rolled onto her stomach and stretched out, grateful no babies were there to climb on her back and pull her hair. How precious, this time away from her hectic home brimming with siblings. Mom won’t even notice she’s gone, not until bath time, anyway. Continue reading “Moonlight Murder”

I’ll Teach You, Said the Sea to Me

This is a response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: Learning.

The sea talks to me. This is what it says.

You can’t see what is beneath the surface, but come in anyway. Trust yourself to enjoy or endure what you find, maybe an oyster pearl or a jagged coral that slices your foot open. Joy or pain, you will swim back to shore. Continue reading “I’ll Teach You, Said the Sea to Me”

The Reveal

This is a response to The Daily Post’s prompt, Paint.

Palettes of eye shadow arranged on the vanity, opened and organized by color like a shimmery rainbow.

“Which one? Which one?”

Fingers and brush hover over the neon hues, so happy and bold. Hovering but knowing the courage is not there. Close the lid and sigh, again. Continue reading “The Reveal”

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