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First Sentence – Number 1

This is the first sentence of a novel. Does it make you want to read the book? Comment your answer before finding the name of the novel on my First Sentences page, linked at the text below.

“I had just come to accept that my life would be ordinary when extraordinary things began to happen.”


Three Feet

This is a response to The Daily Post’s prompt, Reach.

It’s hot in here. Where is here, exactly? Temporary or permanent? No answer. We’ll see. Will we?

“Get out of your head,” he says. “Stay present with me. It’s important.”

Oh. Yes. You know what’s important, right? You don’t know importance past your paycheck. Continue reading “Three Feet”

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 12.48.50 PM.png

The Reveal

This is a response to The Daily Post’s prompt, Paint.

Palettes of eye shadow arranged on the vanity, opened and organized by color like a shimmery rainbow.

“Which one? Which one?”

Fingers and brush hover over the neon hues, so happy and bold. Hovering but knowing the courage is not there. Close the lid and sigh, again. Continue reading “The Reveal”

Writing the Underdog: Effort Matters Most

When creating an underdog character for your story, do you consider outcomes besides writing them to win? I sat down with my own question and realized I experiment with the time it takes for victory, but they do win, eventually. Isn’t that the heart of the underdog story line? Hhmm..

Continue reading “Writing the Underdog: Effort Matters Most”


Writing Without Words

I saw a grandfather take a scolding today and love it.

Besides relaxing in the sun by the sea, I relish the beach for people watching. I roam the sand like readers do bookstores, looking for something interesting. I can’t explain what that might be aside from a curious tap on the soul when I find it.

An older couple in Kansas City Chiefs chairs with two little girls hopping around “Finding Dory” beach towels made me pause. Continue reading “Writing Without Words”


Hello! Welcome to the virtual corner of my mind where I stash thoughts and ideas for creating unusual fictional characters. It’s not as messy as a junk drawer here but much less organized than a library. You don’t have to be quiet, though, so there’s that. Continue reading “Welcome”

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