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I enjoy many entertainers and so admire the life they breathe into characters on the page but these five will take you on a magic carpet ride with their performances and have honed their craft into something better than any adjective in my vocabulary.

Katey Sagal  – If you only know her as Peg from “Married with Children”, look again. As soon as possible. Peg was lots of fun but Gemma in “Sons of Anarchy” will haunt you for the rest of your life. She’s an abyss of emotion, equally deep on love and vengeance. I don’t know how Katey kept me on Gemma’s side when she was so, so despicable. I work in criminology FFS. Her Gemma was a masterpiece, nothing less.

Linda Gray – Legend. Let’s start there. Linda is part of television history and the godmother of beautifully flawed female characters in serialized dramas from 1978 onward. Sue Ellen and all the Ewings of “Dallas” came to my house every Friday of my entire childhood and amazed my immigrant parents with such terrific scandal they escaped the stress of assimilating into a new culture while watching. Linda portrays the human condition so authentically I forget she is acting until credits roll. She shares something special with the audience I can’t explain but I think it’s very brave. If you’ve only seen her in dramatic roles, watch Wally’s Will, a weird dark comedy short I think is a total gem. NoHo Film Festival agrees.

Javier Bardem – He first caught my attention as Reinaldo Arenas in “Before Night Falls”, a Cuban revolutionary who got AIDS and killed himself. But he made me hold my breath for two hours as Anton Chigurh in the Coen Brothers’ “No Country for Old Men“. He tells much of the story without words in this role, a talent I’m fascinated with. And Chigurh is so bizarre you’d think him from outer space but yet believe you’ll encounter him at the gas station down the street.

Kim Cattrall – Kim is fearless not because she has no fear, but because she does the scary thing anyway. She said she was terrified to play Sex and the City’s man-eater, Samantha Jones, turning the roll down repeatedly. Kim is so candid about the Samantha experience and I think she offers that honesty and sincere emotion to all her roles. However she does it, Samantha was both outrageous and relatable, a remarkable character. Kim is now starring in and producing the series, Sensitive Skin, and demanded she look like the older character’s intended age without glamification. Another slay to stereotypes. Go on, Kim.

Elizabeth Taylor – It feels silly to even speak on her. I will just mention that I hope everyone sees her in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Your life needs this. The performances are perfectly rabid and it almost feels dangerous watching. I squint the entire time and grimace often. What’s astonishing compared to today’s blockbuster films is that this movie happens largely in one room, with four people, a piano, booze and cigarettes. There is no CGI, explosions or shock value sex, only story. The story of four people unhinging must stand alone and it surely does with these masterful actors who unravel all they have for us with no distraction or trickery. Bravo.