When creating an underdog character for your story, do you consider outcomes besides writing them to win? I sat down with my own question and realized I experiment with the time it takes for victory, but they do win, eventually. Isn’t that the heart of the underdog story line? Hhmm..

I’m generally charmed by underdogs and after an entire novel or film of cheering for them, would I feel cheated to see them defeated again in the end? I discovered a short film today that hit me over the head with the answer, a resounding NO.

If even one molecule of your brain or heart is curious about me challenging myself on this, please watch the short film below. In only 18 minutes, you will see the worst race horse in Japan’s history raise millions of dollars, save some human lives and prove that trying hard, especially when success is elusive, connects deeply with people.

Thanks to Blue Chalk for sprinkling this magic on my social media timeline, Short of the Week for sharing it and The All Nighter Room on Vimeo for uploading.