Hello! Welcome to the virtual corner of my mind where I stash thoughts and ideas for creating unusual fictional characters. It’s not as messy as a junk drawer here but much less organized than a library. You don’t have to be quiet, though, so there’s that.

I find inspiration for stories everywhere, when I’m seeking and especially when I’m not. I pitched my tent here because I want a repository with remote access and I’m really sick of recording audio notes on my phone; my voice sounds screechy recorded so I fret about that and the inspiration evaporates. No good.

So this is my experimental space, a writing lab to combine little particles of life and marinate things I wonder about. My goal is to create compelling characters by exploring material I collect here and stuff I squeeze out of my imagination. I’m told I have a knack for dialogue and inventing characters that are oddly interesting. I don’t dare believe it but honestly, I hope it’s true.

I have devoured books like food since childhood and as a grown up, my most sparkly dream is to write a novel that hijacks readers immediately and collects their hearts in a big glass jar. These are the stories I love and the characters that weave themselves into my soul’s tapestry. Do we share any favorites? I briefly list my most admired actors and characters on the About Me page. These are the spell casters whose performances are so captivating you leave yourself for a while and follow their characters anywhere.

If your eyeballs are all the way down here, thanks for having a look around! I hope to connect with other readers and writers too, so please chime in wherever you like. I promise I won’t delete you, not often anyway..